How Do You Apply Flat Black Nail Polish?

How Do You Apply Flat Black Nail Polish?

Flat, or matte, black nail polish is a hot fashion trend as of 2014, but it is notoriously difficult to apply because, unlike traditional shiny nail polish, matte polish shows every mistake. Applying matte black nail polish requires a bottle of polish with an applicator and takes 20 minutes to a couple of hours, including drying time.

  1. Apply any color nail polish as a base coat

    It's more effective and less expensive to use black matte nail polish as a top coat only. Because of this, it's okay to use any color polish as a base coat. Apply polish to the nails, but make sure it is completely dry before applying the matte top coat.

  2. Apply the black matte nail polish

    Apply a thin layer of black matte nail polish. Let it dry completely. Apply a second thin layer. Brush a tiny bit of the polish across the very tips of the nails to prevent chipping.

  3. Let the nails dry

    Don't touch anything for 20 minutes while the nails dry. Protect the nails for the next one to two hours, as matte polish takes a long time to dry completely.