How Do You Apply False Eyelashes?

apply-false-eyelashes Credit: RunPhoto/Digital Vision/Getty Images

To apply false eyelashes, make sure the eyelash is the correct length, bend it into a C-shape and apply adhesive to the base of the false eyelash before attaching to your natural lash. You will need false eyelashes, quality adhesive, matte black eye shadow and a makeup brush.

  1. Measure the false lash

    Measure the length of the false lash against your eye. If the lash is too long, use scissors to trim the extra length.

  2. Bend the lash for a natural fit

    Grasp both edges of the eyelash and bend the edges inward to create a C-shape. Hold the lash in this shape for a few seconds to ensure that the lash molds correctly to your eye shape.

  3. Apply adhesive

    Glue that is included with lashes is often of poor quality. Choose a quality adhesive for a lasting bond. It may be helpful to first apply glue to the handle end of a pair of tweezers, then use the tool to apply adhesive to the lash.

  4. Apply the lash

    After applying the glue, wait ten second before adhering the false lash to the natural lash. This allows the glue to become tacky and prevents slippage. Next, apply the lash to the base of the natural lash line, above the natural eyelash. Be sure that the false lash does not touch the eyelid. If there is a visible gap between the false lashes and the eyelid, camouflage it using a matte black eye shadow as a liner.