How Do You Apply Fairy Makeup?

To apply fairy makeup, paint the eyelids with a shimmering eye shadow, apply a pink blush to the cheeks, add glitter and jewels, and finish with lipstick. This process takes about 15 minutes and requires makeup brushes, shimmering eye shadows, blush, lipstick, stick-on jewels, lotion and cosmetic glitter.

  1. Paint the eyelids

    Cover the eyelids with a shimmering color that matches the fairy dress. Start at the lash line and extend up to the eyebrow. Apply a lighter color above the brow. Use wet eye shadow or face paint.

  2. Apply the blush

    Use a large makeup brush to apply a rosy-colored blush to the cheeks.

  3. Add jewels and glitter

    Adhere stick-on jewels to the forehead, corners of the eyes and wherever else desired. Rub a small amount of lotion on the cheeks and temples. Apply cosmetic glitter on top of the lotion. Be sure to shield the eyes while applying the glitter. Cosmetic glitter can also be applied to the hair after a light coating of aerosol hairspray.

  4. Finish the look

    Cover the lips with lipstick in a coordinating color. Apply a coat of shiny lip gloss on top of the lipstick. Top the hair with a sparkly tiara, and wear matching dangling earrings to complete the fairy look.