How Do You Apply Eyeshadow for Brown Eyes?

How Do You Apply Eyeshadow for Brown Eyes?

To apply eye shadow that enhances brown eyes, start with a neutral foundation, and layer on shades of blue, which complement the tones in brown eyes. Finish by applying liner near the lashes and highlighter on the lids and corner of each eye.

  1. Set the foundation

    Use an eye shadow brush to sweep foundational eye shadow from the lash line to the eyebrow ridge. Select a shade that is neutral and flattering to your skin tone.

  2. Apply shadow to the lid

    Clean off the makeup brush. Load the brush with a medium-blue eye shadow, which complements the undertones of brown eyes. Sweep this color from the lash line to the crease.

  3. Blend shadow into the crease

    After cleaning off the eye shadow brush again, load it with a dark-blue color, such as navy. Start at the corner of the eye, and sweep this color across the crease. Blend the dark blue into the other two shadows.

  4. Line the eyes with shadow

    Switch to an eyeliner brush. Dampen it slightly, and load it with the dark blue. Create a line near the lashes on the top lid. Load the brush again, and line the lower lid.

  5. Add highlighter

    Select either a light blue or a warm-beige eye shadow. Clean the dark color from the brush, and load it with the light shadow. Create a small dot of this color in the center of each eye and near the inner corner.