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To apply eyeshadow on eyes, select the right shades that match with the user's eye color first, according to About.com. Those with green eyes can apply shades of purple, brown, pink and plum. For blue eyes, shades with gold, purple or violet color work perfectly. Those with brown eyes can apply shades of dark green and copper, while beige matches well on people with light-colored eyes.

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The position and shape of the eyes determine the best technique for applying eyeshadow. The most common types of eye shapes include oval, round and almond-shaped eyes. For round eyes, stretch the eyeliner slightly outside the outer edges of the eyelid, and then apply the eyeshadow from the eyelid toward the crease. Round eyes are mainly open-looking and large, and proper eyeshadow application makes them appear longer.

Oval eyes require the same technique as round eyes, but apply the eyeliner in a thicker region toward the center of the eye. The most common eye shapes are almond-shaped eyes with outer edges that curve upward. To produce more depth, apply darker eyeshadows from the middle of the eyelid to the central portion, and then combine with a lighter shade by spreading it to the outer corner from the middle.

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