How Do You Apply Eyeliner to Your Top Lid?

How Do You Apply Eyeliner to Your Top Lid?

Applying eyeliner is one of the simplest ways to draw attention to your eyes and create a polished look. Simple application techniques can give you a great look in minutes.

  1. Pull your top lid taut

    Use eye pencil to create a quick and easy lined eye. Pull your top lid taut, then draw a line along your top lash line from the inside of your eye to the outside. Wiggle the eye pencil in and out of the eyelashes. Draw a second straight line with the eye pencil directly on top of the first.

  2. Smudge the eye pencil

    Use a sponge-tip applicator, a cotton swab or an angled brush to smudge your eye pencil line. A softer, smudged look is more attractive than a hard, even line.

  3. Line the inner rim

    Give extra definition to your eyes by lining the inner rim with black eyeliner. Lift your upper eyelid and look down at a mirror. Apply the eye pencil in short strokes.

  4. Create a winged tip

    Use cream eyeliner to create a dramatic winged tip on your upper lash line. Apply the eyeliner with an angled or pointed brush to the outer edge of your eye. Follow the natural angle of your eyes for the best look. Use a straight edge, such as a business card, as a guideline to make sure your eyeliner is even.