How Do You Apply Eyeliner so It Stays All Day?


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Make your eyeliner last all day with this convenient application procedure. It takes under 10 minutes. The supplies you need are eyelid primer, a waterproof eyeliner pencil, a matching felt-tipped eyeliner marker and matte eye shadow in a similar shade. You also need an angled eyebrow brush.

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How Do You Apply Eyeliner so It Stays All Day?
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  1. Prime your eyelids

    Apply a small amount of primer to each eyelid and rub it in with your finger. Concentrate on the skin directly above your eyelashes. Then dispense another tiny dab of primer and pat it along your lower lash lines.

  2. Define your upper lash line

    Fill in the gaps between your upper lashes with the felt-tipped eyeliner marker. Use short, feathery strokes.

  3. Set the liquid eyeliner with matching eye shadow

    Swipe the flat edge of an angled eyebrow brush into a cake of matte eye shadow. Tap the brush on a hard surface to remove excess pigment, then pat the brush over your upper lash lines. Pick up more color when needed, but do not overload the brush.

  4. Line your water lines

    Gently run a waterproof eyeliner pencil over your upper and lower water lines. Do not press the pencil into your skin or allow it to touch your eyes. Use slow, controlled movements.

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