How Do You Apply Eyeliner Correctly?


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According to Oprah.com, to apply eyeliner correctly, start at the outside of the eye and work inward. Choosing the right color of eyeliner also helps to create a finished look.

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Whether you are using an eye pencil or a liquid eyeliner, application should start outside the upper lash line. Don't pull on the line when applying eyeliner. Instead, look down while keeping the chin up to help keep the eyelid steady and smooth. Seventeen recommends making a dotted line with the eyeliner rather than a solid one to keep it as neat as possible. The upper lash line should continue inward until the very last eyelash on the inside of the eye is reached. Smudging the eyeliner helps close any gaps and makes sure the eyeliner connects to the top of the lashes. Many eye pencils have a sponge-covered smudger on the opposite end of the pencil. Lining the lower lash line also involves starting at the outside corner and working in, this time keeping the chin down while looking up.

While it may be tempting to just grab black eyeliner, only dark-haired women can pull it off. Women with fair skin and pale lashes look better with dark brown or gray instead.

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