How Do You Apply Eye Makeup?

How Do You Apply Eye Makeup?

Eye makeup can improve the natural beauty of anyone if used correctly. They key is to experiment and find what techniques and colors work best for you. There are three main components to full eye makeup: liner, mascara, and shadow. These work together to bring out your features.

  1. Draw on the Liner

    The first piece to use is liner. There are two basic types of liner: pencil and liquid. Pencil liner is similar to a colored pencil, but softer. It gives a smoky, hazy line that is best for beginners. Apply it by running the tip along your eyelid just above the lash line, and, if you desire, the bottom lash line as well. Liquid liner looks like either a brush or a marker, depending on the brand, and is used in the same way as pencil liner. Liquid liner gives sharper, clearer, more defined lines.

  2. Roll on Mascara

    Mascara makes your eyelashes look thicker and longer, and can even change their color. Open your eyes wide to give clear access to your eyelashes. Place the wand at the base of your eyelash, on the outside half of your eyelash line. Draw the wand up your eyelashes, wiggling it back and forth slightly to avoid clumps. Do the same to the bottom lash line if this is your preference.

  3. Apply the Eye Shadow

    There are many different variations to the way you can apply eye shadow. It is best to buy pre-arranged palettes, as these will guide you in what colors to use. Start with a primer to keep the shadow in place and then sweep a neutral tone over your lids. Next, blend a darker color into the crease of your lid starting from the inside corner and thickening the line as you approach the far corner. Then, add highlighter (the lightest color in the palette) and smooth it just above the crease, avoiding getting color on the brow bone. Lastly, press a light shade into the inside corner of your eye. Your pinky finger is a good tool for this.