How Do You Apply Emo Eyeliner?

Applying emo eyeliner involves creating a strong, dark line and layering liquid eyeliner over eye pencil. As Style Craze points out, getting the eyeliner right is key to creating a good emo or goth look.

For emo eyeliner to stay in place, the eyelids should have makeup primer and foundation applied first. After applying a dark eye shadow to the lids with black eye shadow at the outer edge of the lid, the eyes are ready for eyeliner, according to Style Craze.

The first layer of eyeliner should be done with eye pencil. While most people use black eyeliner for an emo look, dark shades of blue, green, gray or brown can also work, according to Live Beauty Tips. The eyeliner line should extend slightly beyond the edges of both the inner and outer lash lines. The eye pencil should then be smudged using a sponge eye makeup applicator.

The next layer of emo eyeliner is applied with liquid eyeliner. Again, black shades are usually preferred. The liquid eyeliner should be applied over the smudged eye pencil, according to Style Craze. Extend the line beyond the edges of the eye. The lower lash line can be lined with either eye pencil or liquid eyeliner. The lower lash line should span the width of the eye, extending beyond the edges to meet up and blend with the extended line from the upper lash line.