How Do You Apply Deodorant?


Apply deodorant to clean, dry armpits before leaving home for daily protection against odor or before participating in a physical activity in which sweating is possible. If you frequently sweat excessively, apply deodorant in the morning and in the evening to control odors.

  1. Choose the right deodorant

    Choose a deodorant based on your individual needs. Available types include soft solids, gel sticks and invisible solids. Pick a scent that is appealing to you, and consider how it matches with your perfume or body spray. Alternatively, choose an unscented deoderant. Look for any special attributes, such as sensitive formulas, if you have a skin condition.

  2. Apply the deodorant evenly

    Wash your armpits if they are dirty, and towel dry thoroughly. Remove the cap, and twist the deodorant stick until enough product is pushed through the top. Start applying the deodorant at the center of your armpit, working your way outward in all directions. Reapply throughout the day as needed, such as before participating in sports or after your shower in the evening.

  3. Change your deodorant regularly

    Try a new deodorant every six months or sooner if your current one does not seem to be working as well. Like many other personal care products, your body can build a resistance to your favorite deodorant or antiperspirant, making it less effective in controlling the odor from sweat.