How Do You Apply Cream Eye Shadow?

How Do You Apply Cream Eye Shadow?

Applying cream eye shadow can be tricky because it tends to migrate toward the crease of the eyelid. Proper preparation of the eyelid, however, makes cream eye shadow much easier to use.

  1. Prepare the eyelid

    Apply foundation and eye shadow primer on eyelid to create a smooth base for your cream eye shadow. If you don't have primer, you can use thin foundation or eye-shadow base instead.

  2. Apply the lighter color first

    Cover your entire eyelid with the lightest color of eye shadow you intend to use. Blend it with a sponge to avoid any sharp edges.

  3. Apply the darker colors last

    Apply the darker colors of your cream eye shadow with your finger. Start at the inside of the eye and work outward, making sure all edges are well-blended.

Powder eye shadow is applied on top of cream eye shadow for a finished look. Cream eye shadow however, should never be applied on top of powder shadow.