How Do You Apply Cream Blush?


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According to Makeup Geek, cream blush is best applied using the fingers. Cream blush should be applied to the apples of the cheeks, then blended outward. Sponges are not useful for applying cream blush, though they can be helpful for blending or removing excess.

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How Do You Apply Cream Blush?
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It is preferable to apply cream blush with the fingers in part because the warmth of the fingers helps make the blush more manageable. However, a brush can also be used to apply cream blush. A stippling brush picks up very small amounts of the blush and creates a look that almost seems airbrushed. Even when applying cream blush with a brush, the product should only be placed on the apples of the cheeks for a natural look.

Cream blushes are especially useful for women with dry skin, on whom powder blushes often look dry and dull. Cream blushes provide a youthful glow. They are also recommended for older women who deal with the dryness that comes with aging skin. Cream blushes are also a good choice for women in cold climates, since they add moisture while the cold weather tries to take it away. Women who live in warm or humid climates may find that cream blush melts easily, so they should choose powder blush instead.

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