How Do You Apply Cosmetics?

How Do You Apply Cosmetics?

There are thousands of cosmetic application techniques. The following method creates a beautiful, natural look and takes about 10 minutes. The required supplies are tinted moisturizer, a cosmetic sponge, translucent loose powder, a fluffy powder brush, cream blush, eyebrow powder, an angled eyebrow brush, brown mascara, an old toothbrush and tinted lip balm.

  1. Balance your complexion

    Apply tinted moisturizer to clean, dry skin. Pat the product on with a disposable cosmetic sponge. Blend the edges until they disappear.

  2. Apply translucent powder

    Dip a large, fluffy brush into translucent loose powder. Swirl the brush over your forehead, nose and chin.

  3. Brighten your cheeks with cream blush

    Place several small dots of cream blush on the apples of your cheeks, then rub the color up toward your temples.

  4. Define your brows

    Dip an angled eyebrow brush in brow powder that matches your hair. Define your brows with short strokes, then blend the color with your finger.

  5. Apply mascara

    Apply a coat of brown mascara. Place the wand at the base of your lashes and wiggle it as you pull it through. Wait 20 seconds, then apply a second coat.

  6. Exfoliate and condition your lips

    Brush your lips with a soft, wet toothbrush, then apply a conditioning lip balm.