How Do I Apply Clown Makeup?

apply-clown-makeup Credit: timlewisnm/CC-BY-2.0 describes the technique for applying basic clown makeup. You will need white, red and black greasepaint, one large and two smaller makeup brushes, talcum powder or cornstarch, and a tube sock.

  1. Cleanse your face

    Make sure your face is thoroughly clean before applying any makeup. Greasepaint adheres much better to a clean face.

  2. Apply the white greasepaint

    Dip the large makeup brush into the white greasepaint, and apply it liberally to cover all of the skin on the face. Some clowns apply the white greasepaint only to certain areas, such as using it to highlight the forehead and the area around the mouth.

  3. Apply the red greasepaint

    Use a smaller makeup brush to highlight the areas around the mouth, on the nose and cheeks. Draw a line far outside the natural lip line to create a large, happy grin or a droopy mouth. Fill in the areas with red.

  4. Apply the black greasepaint

    Use a smaller makeup brush to create an exaggerated look around the eyebrows, such as half moon shapes that extend above the natural brow

  5. Set the greasepaint

    Fill a tube sock with talcum powder or cornstarch. Tightly knot the sock, then pat the sock gently over the entire face to set and dry the greasepaint.