How Do You Apply Camouflage Face Paint?

How Do You Apply Camouflage Face Paint?

How Do You Apply Camouflage Face Paint?

To apply camouflage face paint, choose colors found in your environment. Apply the paint to break up the features of the face.

  1. Choose colors

    Choose face paint colors that are found in your environment. Typically, camouflage colors are shades of green and brown. However, green does not work well in the desert and might not work well during fall. Avoid using too much black as it stands out.

  2. Apply the face paint with sponges or your fingers

    Use make-up sponges or your fingers to apply the face paint. If you are using sponges, dip them in paint, and dab them in random movements over the face. If you are using your fingers, dip them in the paint, and smear the paint onto your skin.

  3. Break up facial features

    Apply the face paint in a manner that breaks up the natural light and dark areas of the human face. The light areas include just above the eyebrows, the ridge of the nose, the chin, the cheek bones and some of the jaw bone. The dark areas include the area around the eyes, the area around and under the nose, the lips and underneath the lips. Do not simply paint all the light areas dark and the dark areas light. Cover any skin that is not covered by clothing.