How Do You Apply Bridal Makeup?

apply-bridal-makeup Credit: Betsie Van Der Meer/Taxi/Getty Images

All brides aspire to look beautiful and radiant on their wedding day. If you feel confident in applying your own makeup, Glamour Magazine recommends a number of steps that you can take to achieve a glowing bridal look.

  1. Choose your makeup look

    It's important that your bridal makeup complements your wedding dress and hair so that you don't create a style clash. If you have opted for a floaty, romantic dress with loose, tumbling hair, team this look with pretty and dewy makeup rather than selecting a heavy, smoky look. Bridal magazines and websites can provide inspiration.

  2. Prepare your skin

    You need to create a good base for your makeup. Choose a light, oil-free moisturizer to hydrate your skin and keep your makeup in place throughout your big day. This can be supplemented with eye cream and lip balm if necessary. Next, apply a small amount of primer all over your face to create a smooth appearance.

  3. Apply your foundation, concealer, powder and blush

    The right foundation color and formulation is essential for achieving a glowing, flawless look. Get some samples from in-store makeup counters and wear them all day so that you can see how they look in different lights. Foundation should be applied in thin layers blending outwards from the center of your face with a foundation brush. Concealer should be applied next to disguise any imperfections, followed by a small amount of powder to set your makeup. For a glowing look, apply a cream blusher to the apple of your cheeks and blend upwards and outwards.

  4. Apply your eye and lip makeup

    If you think that you may shed a few tears on your big day, opt for a waterproof mascara and eyeliner. Go for light and fresh eye shadow colors and remember to curl your eyelashes before applying some black mascara. Try out a range of lip colors and tones in advance and choose a shade that ties in with your blush. For the best results, pick a long-lasting and non-drying lipstick formulation.