How Do You Apply Body Dusting Powder?

Apply body dusting powder with a powder puff by dabbing the puff in the powder, shaking off any excess and dabbing the puff onto your skin. You can also use your hands or a makeup brush. Use body powder to absorb perspiration or excess skin oils or to prevent odor or chafing.

Body dusting powders are available scented or unscented and are effective on parts of the body where using a deodorant stick is less practical, such as the feet. A light sprinkling on bed sheets adds fragrance and cools sheets in summer. This is also a way of freshening clean, stored sheets.

Baby powder is a gentle and lightly scented version of body powder with applications beyond keeping skin dry and odor-free. For people with blond or grey hair, baby powder works as a dry shampoo. Sprinkle a little powder onto a comb, and comb the hair from root to tip. To freshen a dog's coat between baths, rub a few handfuls onto the animal, leave a few minutes, and brush out.

Further uses of body powder include absorbing minor grease spills from kitchen surfaces or clothes, preventing runners chafe and cooling skin after a shave. Simply sprinkle some baby powder onto the freshly shaved area, and rub gently. People who find shaving the underarms irritates the skin find powder a useful substitute for spray or roll-on deodorant, which may irritate skin further.