How Do You Apply Beetlejuice Makeup?


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Use white and black face paint and a white wig to create a face similar to Beetlejuice's. Pair with a striped outfit to complete the look.

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Beetlejuice is neither dead or alive. Create his decaying look with a few simple steps.

Step 1: Apply white makeup to the face

Cover the entire face in a light white face paint.

Step 2: Add touches of black

Apply black makeup in a circle around the eyes to give them a tired appearance. Add traces of black under the cheekbones to make them seem sunken.

Step 3: Add a wig

The wig should be white and bald on the top. Beetlejuice's hair was usually wild and standing out on the sides.

Step 4: Add teeth and rotting flesh

Place a pair of fake decaying teeth in the makeup wearer's mouth. Attach fake skin to random places to give the look of flesh beginning to decompose.

Step 5: Choose an outfit

Pair the makeup with a black and white striped suit like Beetlejuice is most often portrayed wearing. A burgundy shirt with a ruffle down the front can be worn instead with large shoulder pads to make the costume wearer's head appear smaller. Don't forget the black and white shoes.

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