How Do You Apply ASP Light-Less Gel Nails?

How Do You Apply ASP Light-Less Gel Nails?

To apply ASP Light-less gel nails, prepare your nails, and choose the tips. Apply the tips with glue. Shorten the tips, and then apply the light-less gel. File the nails to the shape you want.

  1. Prepare your nails

    Prepare your nails by making sure they are free of dirt, oil and nail polish. File your real nails with a soft buffer file until they are smooth.

  2. Choose the tips

    Choose tips that fit perfectly on your nails. This tips lengthen your nails while holding onto your natural nails. The tips should not be larger or a lot shorter than your nail.

  3. Apply the tips

    Apply the glue from the kit onto the thinner end of the tip all the way across the end. Cover the area you wish to apply to your nail with glue. Press the end of the tip with glue onto your nail. Hold the tip tightly to your nail for a few seconds until the tip stays on securely.

  4. Shorten the tips

    Because the tips start out so long, you should shorten them. You may shorten the tips by cutting them with nail scissors, cutting them with a tip cutter or filing them down. Cutting the tips with nail scissors may crack them.

  5. Apply the light-less gel

    Apply two thin layers of the light-less gel from the center of your nail to the tip. Spray the activator on the wet gel, and wait a minute. If your nails are thin or sensitive, this step might burn a little.

  6. File the nails

    File the nails to the shape and smoothness you want. Then clean your hands.