How Do You Apply Acrylic Powder to Fingernails?

Acrylic powder can be used to cover the fingernail bed in order to complete or seal false nails. Often, the process involves using fingernail glue to adhere a fingernail tip to the tip of the nail, filing and shaping the fingernail tip and covering the entire fingernail and tip with acrylic powder to seal and complete the look.


  • Acrylic liquid
  • Acrylic brush
  • Acrylic powder
  • Dampen dish
  • Manicure stick

While different acrylic powder manufacturers may have slightly varying instructions for use, most follow the same general procedure:

  1. The fingernails should be clean and free of dirt, debris, polish or other contaminants.
  2. The fingernails should be filed, shaped and at the desired length. If a longer length is desired, tips should be glued to the ends of the nails for best results.
  3. The acrylic liquid should be poured into the dampen dish.
  4. The acrylic brush should be dipped into the acrylic liquid and then pressed against the edge of the dish to remove excess liquid from the brush.
  5. When the acrylic brush is dipped into the acrylic powder, a small ball of wet powder will form on the tip of the brush.
  6. Then place the brush at the cuticle edge of the fingernail and brush toward the tip. As the brush is taken across the nail, the powder will remain behind on the nail.
  7. Repeat steps four through six until the nail is completely covered with the acrylic powder and the nail has the desired shape, thickness and smoothness. The brush can be lightly run across the nail without powder to ensure smoothness.

It is important to ensure that no acrylic powder is left on the skin. If any acrylic powder is accidentally pushed onto the cuticle or skin, use the manicure stick to remove the acrylic powder promptly.