How Do You Apply Acrylic Nails?

apply-acrylic-nails Credit: Carol_anne/iStock/Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

To apply acrylic nails, prepare the natural nails by removing the shine and applying the appropriate bonding agents. Load a nail brush with an acrylic bead, pat and smooth the acrylic over the nail, file the nail into shape, and buff the acrylic until it shines.

  1. File the nail bed

    Use a fine-grain nail file to lightly rough up the nail bed. The goal is to remove the shine. Wipe off the dust, and wipe a nail cleanser over the nail bed.

  2. Prepare the natural nails

    Apply a pH-balancing agent to the nail bed, allowing it to dry completely. Apply a bonding agent to the nail bed, avoiding contact with the skin. Allow the bonding agent to dry completely.

  3. Load the brush

    Dip the nail brush in the nail liquid. Flatten the brush to remove excess liquid. Draw a line in the nail powder to create a wet bead of acrylic.

  4. Apply the acrylic

    Place the bead of acrylic near the cuticle but not touching it. Press the flat of the brush against the bead, and start pressing it toward the top of the nail. Press and stroke the acrylic into place until the whole top of the nail is covered, adding more acrylic to your brush if necessary.

  5. Cover all the nails

    Repeat the procedure for applying acrylic beads to all of the nails. Try to keep the application as smooth as possible to avoid excess filing.

  6. File the acrylic nails

    Place a coarse file between the sidewall of the finger and the acrylic. Pull the file toward the top. Repeat this until the acrylic is smooth. File the top and base of the nail at a 45-degree angle. File the top to remove any ridges. Use this process for all the nails.

  7. Buff the acrylic nails

    Use a fine-grade file to go over the whole nail and remove scratches from the coarse file. Use a buffing cube over the whole nail, working from coarse grit to fine until the nail is completely smooth. Use the rubber edge of the cube to make the nail shiny. Repeat for all the nails.