What Are Some Antiperspirant Brands That Don't Have Aluminium?


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Burt's Bees, Tom's of Maine, Weleda, Lavalin and The Body Shop all offer aluminum-free antiperspirants. The antiperspirants are formulated with a variety of fragrances, depending on the brand.

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Burt's Bees makes an all-natural, aluminum-free spray deodorant that uses oil of sage, lemon and lavender to help control body odor. Weleda also sells a sage and tea tree oil-based spray deodorant created from natural essential oils, which is designed to neutralize odors throughout the day.

Lavalin created a deodorant using natural ingredients that is designed to stay effective for up to 72 hours. Another popular brand of natural, aluminum-free antiperspirant is Tom's of Maine Long Lasting 24 hour deodorant. Tom's deodorant comes in a variety of scents, including Fresh Apricot, Wild Lavender, Soothing Calendula, Maine Woodspice, Refreshing Lemongrass, Honeysuckle Rose, Beautiful Earth and Natural Powder, as well as an unscented option.

The Body Shop makes a natural deodorant for men that contains Brazil nut oil, Maca root and Aloe Vera to both counteract odors and soothe sensitive skin. Another 100-percent natural handcrafted deodorant called Primal Pit Paste boasts no aluminum, no paraben, no toxic chemicals and no GMOs, and also claims that its baking soda-based and lavender-scented product is effective and lasts all day. Lastly, the natural brand Desert Essence offers its contribution called Dry by Nature, which claims to snuff odors with Aloe Vera, Calendula Oil and Chamomile.

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