How Do You Get an Ankle Tattoo?


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An ankle tattoo can be done by almost any tattooist. According to LoveToKnow Tattoos, an ankle tattoo requires the client to recline on a chair or bench and elevate the leg so that the tattoo artist can reach the ankle. After getting an ankle tattoo, it's best to look after it by using an antibacterial ointment, avoiding tight-fitting clothing, keeping it out of the sun and not walking long distances.

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How Do You Get an Ankle Tattoo?
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LoveToKnow Tattoos defines an ankle tattoo as a tattoo inked anywhere on the leg from the lower calf to the ankle bone. Many people choose to get a tattoo higher on the leg because it is less painful, it can fit larger designs and the skin is less likely to wrinkle, so it doesn't get stretched over the years.

Women are more likely to get ankle tattoos than men. Women tend to choose ankle tattoos because they are easy to hide with socks or clothing and because women often wear clothes that show off the ankle. Because of this association, a typical ankle tattoo usually has a feminine design, sometimes involving butterflies, fairies, hearts and celestial bodies; however, almost any design can be adapted to fit in the area, and it is up to the individual to decide.

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