How Do You Get African American Waves?

How Do You Get African American Waves?

Get African American waves by applying pomade to your hair and brushing it often to create the waves. Use a do-rag to mold the waves and hold them in place. The popular name for this hairstyle is 360 Waves. You need a hair brush with firm bristles, pomade, a towel and hot water to create this style.

  1. Wash hair

    Ensure that your hair is at least 1 ½ inches in length before you start the process of getting the waves. Shampoo your hair. Use a conditioning shampoo for better results.

  2. Apply pomade to hair

    Apply a generous amount of pomade to your hair. Use a pomade that is not too thick.

  3. Prepare the towel for use

    Soak a towel in hot water. Remove the towel from the water, and wring out excess water from the towel.

  4. Apply the towel to hair

    Place the towel on your hair for a couple minutes. Hold the towel firmly against your head. This melts the pomade and spreads it in your hair.

  5. Brush hair

    Brush the hair on the crown of your head, brushing in the direction of the hair growth.

  6. Tie the do-rag

    Tie a do-rag on your head. Leave it in place overnight. Remove it the next day. Do not brush your hair once you remove the doo-rag. Avoid shampooing your hair for the next 2 weeks. This sets the waves in place.