Are There Advantages to Wearing Low-Top Basketball Shoes?


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One of the biggest advantages of wearing low-top basketball shoes is potentially lessening the chance of experiencing an ankle sprain, according to Chappy Callanta for Yahoo! News. The ankle needs to be able to move while inside of the shoe, and high-top shoes do not always offer the support needed by the ankle and the rest of the foot.

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Even with the straps and taping found on high-top shoes, the feet are still able to move inside of the shoe. During an ankle sprain, the foot moves around in the shoe while the edges of the sole eventually roll over, which results in a sprain when there is too much pressure for the ankle ligaments to bear.

The reason it is so important for the ankle to move inside of a shoe is that the knee "picks up the slack" by becoming hypermobile whenever the ankle becomes locked down. A hypermobile knee is the surest way to endanger the ligaments. ACL injuries are some of the most common with professional basketball players.

It is also recommended that individuals train their ankles to be more mobile and perform exercises designed to strengthen the knees to lessen the chances of experiencing an ankle sprain. Another recommendation is to be barefoot while performing exercises such as high knees, walking lunges, leg swings and other warm-ups to strengthen and improve mobility in the ankles.

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