What Are Some Advantages of Recycling Scrap Metal?


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The advantages of recycling scrap metal include waste reduction as well as environmental and economic benefits. Scrap metal recycling is a large and lucrative industry.

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Recycling scrap metal requires much less energy when compared to traditional mining processes. Mining is also hazardous to the environment and causes unstable geological conditions, ground water pollution, poisonous runoff and habitat destruction. Although metal recycling requires the use of fossil fuel, it is less energy-intensive, does not pollute ground water and does not scar the environment.

Next, scrap metal recycling saves space and reduces waste by freeing up landfills. Scrap metal is often bulky and requires space-consuming and unsightly landfills. Recycling is a good way of reducing eyesores in populated areas, and to creating more room for true waste such as non-recyclable plastics and discarded food matter.

Lastly, recycling as a business injects tens of billions of dollars into the economy. It is fairly labor intensive, and creates new jobs which require high levels of training and skill. Some recycling jobs pay significantly more than the national median income especially in high-wage states such as New York. Selling scrap metal such as old car parts to recyclers offers people a chance to supplement their income or get through financial obstacles.

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