What Are the Advantages of Having a Short, Layered Pixie Haircut?


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Some of the advantages of having a short-layered pixie haircut are that it is very easy to style, and it does not require a lot of hair products. Other advantages include the fact that combing the hair takes very little time, and this hairstyle is quite versatile.

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One of the biggest advantages of a short-layered pixie haircut is that it saves time. The short-layered hair is easier to comb out and has hardly any tangles. There is no need to waste time pondering over and trying out new styles for various times of the day or for formal or informal occasions. Another big advantage is that a short layered pixie haircut requires far less hair products than other styles. Just some mousse and hairspray are all that is required to create a range of different looks.

A short-layered pixie haircut brings the face into sharp focus and is a great way to show off high cheekbones, beautiful eyes or glowing skin. It also lends itself to a number of different styles that can take a person effortlessly from the work day to a formal dinner or to a nightclub. Some of the ways to achieve these different looks are to curl the edges outward, have long bangs, work up a few spikes or flatten the edges right against the skull.

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