How Do You Adjust a Watch Band?


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To adjust a watch band, consider the material the band is made of and the desired size. Common materials for watch bands include metal and leather. Adjusting a watch band requires various supplies, which include measuring tape, a pin removal tool, a leather punch and a utility knife.

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  1. Adjust a metal watch band
  2. To shorten a metal watch band, remove all the unrequired links from the band. Determine how many links to remove by measuring the wrist and comparing the result to the watch band. In most cases, the links that can be removed are located near the clasp. They may have small arrows on them. Remove the pins holding the removable links together with the help of a pin removal tool. Remove the desired number of links, and replace the pins in the opposite direction to the arrows. The band should now be at the desired length.
  3. Adjust a leather watch band
  4. To shorten a leather watch band, measure the wrist to determine the desired size and make a mark on the back of the band. Make a hole in this spot with the help of the leather punch tool. Wash off the excess marker if necessary, and trim the excess leather with the help of the utility knife.
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