Does Acupuncture for Acne Work?


Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese medicine that has been proven to help with many ailments, including acne, according to Prevention Magazine. Acne can be difficult to deal with long-term, but acupuncture is a technique that claims to address internal issues rather than simply treating symptoms.

In 2013, the results from a 40-year study in China and England showed that acupuncture successfully treats acne in many individuals. Acupuncture is a practice where very thin, sterile needles are inserted into the skin and stimulate the brain to help the body heal itself from within. An acupuncturist who is treating a patient with acne often takes a very integrated approach to treatment by incorporating herbal supplements and making dietary suggestions in addition to using needles. This holistic approach has favorable results because it targets stress and inflammation in the body rather than simply treating acne at the skin level. Acupuncture can be an excellent solution for acne, but it does require a certain amount of commitment to the practice. Rather than changing a cleansing routine or using a new cream, acupuncture generally requires weekly office visits that can last up to an hour and significant life changes. Although acupuncture requires a commitment, studies have shown it to be beneficial to whole-body functioning and to provide stress relief.