What Are the Active Ingredients in Udder Balm?


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Udder Balm, more commonly known as Bag Balm, contains 8-Hydroxyquinoline, petroleum jelly, and lanolin as its active ingredients. The 8-Hydroxyquinoline works as a disinfectant, while the petroleum jelly and lanolin work as skin moisturizing ingredients.

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Bag Balm is a company based in the state of Vermont and it has been making the salve of the same name since 1899. The salve was originally made for the udders of cows and used in the Vermont dairy business. Repeated milking caused cow udders to become chapped and infected, thus the ingredients for both disinfecting and moisturizing.

Bag Balm is considered safe for both humans and animals and it continues to be used for cows and other livestock in the present. It has healing properties for dry skin that begins to crack, as well as for scrapes and other abrasions. Bag Balm does not have any known side effects, but those with sensitive skin may want to consult a doctor before using.

Some uses for Bag Balm on humans includes soothing diaper rash, mild burns and chapped or dry skin. It is especially useful for helping skin that is continuously exposed to the elements. North Pole explorers first used it for this purpose in 1937. Bag Balm can be applied anywhere, but a mild burning sensation upon applying makes it unsuitable for application too close to mucous membranes.

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