How Do You Do Acrylic Nails for Kids?

How Do You Do Acrylic Nails for Kids?

Applying acrylic nails on children involves the same steps as putting the nails on an adult hand. Using the necessary supplies, prepare the nails with a manicure, apply the acrylic tips, and finish off the job with filing and polishing the new nails. To avoid an adverse reaction, make sure the child is not allergic to the ingredients in acrylic nails.

  1. Gather the necessary supplies

    Get the necessary items for applying acrylic nails, including a nail brush, non-acetone nail polish remover, nail files, an acrylic nipper, nail glue and artificial nail tips. A filing block may also be necessary for shaping the nails. Additional supplies include the actual acrylic in liquid or powder form, an acrylic brush, a small dish for the acrylic and nail oil.

  2. Manicure the natural nails

    File the child's nails to shape them, and gently remove any excess skin from the cuticles. Remove any nail polish that is already on the nails. Use the filing block to roughen the nail surface, and slightly clip the nails if necessary. The nails should be as short as possible before the acrylic tips are applied.

  3. Apply the acrylic tips

    Apply a little glue to each acrylic tip and place it on the top or center of the actual nail, depending on the desired length. Cut the nail with the nipper if the nails are too long. Mix the acrylic powder and liquid to create a thin gel-like consistency. Paint the acrylic mixture over each of the nail tips.

  4. File and polish the nails

    Allow the acrylic to completely dry on the nails. Use the filer and file block to shape the nails and even out the acrylic. Paint the nails the desired color.