What Are Some Acrylic Nails Ideas?


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Acrylic nail design ideas involve using stickers, nail polish, paint and add-ons, such as gems. Acrylic nails can also be formed using French manicure coloring so that only clear polish is necessary.

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One of the easiest ways to add designs to acrylic nails is by using nail stickers. These range from thin lines to stickers that cover the entire nail bed. The bigger stickers typically feature elaborate designs with multiple colors and even textures. Some stickers even have pictures.

Nail polish can be used to create nail designs. One option is using a regular brush to create designs on otherwise monochromatic nails. Glitter nail polish is commonly used for this, as are specialty nail polishes that crackle or change colors. Another option is to affix tape to the nail bed in a design, paint over it and remove the paint, leaving a two-tone design in place. The nail polish brush can also be replaced with a tool or a plain toothpick. In fact, a heart shape can be created by making two small dots with a toothpick that are then joined with a V shape. Rhinestones, glitter and jewelry can also be affixed to acrylic nails for stunning three-dimensional designs.

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