How Do You Achieve Reverse Ombre Hair?


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Achieve reverse ombre hair color by coloring the ends of the hair a darker shade than the roots. A traditional ombre effect requires lightening the ends of the hair whereas a reverse ombre look requires lightening the roots of the hair and coloring the ends a darker shade.

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Reverse ombre hair coloring works best with medium or long length hairstyles. While reverse ombre tends to look less natural than traditional ombre coloring, longer locks allow for dramatic and subtle reverse ombre choices. Reverse ombre can include several different changes in color from root to tip, including blonde to jet black, auburn to black and strawberry blonde to brown.

To achieve a more natural look, choose two tones that are in the same color family. This is achievable at home by using two different shades of boxed hair color. Mix each color as directed and apply the darker shade to the roots of hair and the lighter shade to the ends of hair leaving a small space in between. Leave the color to process for the directed amount of time and rinse. If the shade of either chosen color is lighter than an individual's natural hair color, it is necessary to lighten the hair with a hair lightening product before applying any color. In instances where bleaching or lightening the hair is needed, it is best to consult a professional hair colorist.

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