What Is the Accutime Watch Corporation?

What Is the Accutime Watch Corporation?

The Accutime Watch Corporation is a New York City-based watch company that makes designer watches for women, men, teens and children. The company handles all aspects of the design, manufacture and distribution of its watches.

Accutime designs watches for the national and international fashion-accessory market. Founded in 1967, it continues to grow and expand its market reach through various retailers and distributors.

Accutime produces and sells watches, which are sold in major department stores, national chain stores, specialty shops and catalogs. Some of these watches are sold under the Accutime brand name, while others are sold as private-label selections.

Private-label watches are produced in partnership with companies and celebrities.This is an arrangement where Accutime creates unique watch designs for its partners. These partners, in turn, promote and sell the designs under their own brand names.

Accutime designs watches that appeal to various customer types. The company has an aggressive marketing plan. Every watch brand is expertly designed in a way that helps its sales team successfully promote its product lines to retailers and distributors. To this end, the company puts a lot of time and effort into innovative watch styles, creative packaging and interesting point-of-sale displays for retailers. The goal of Accutime is to attract loyal customers who continue purchasing its various watch brands.