What Are Some ABEO Shoe Styles?


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Some styles of ABEO shoes are casual, active, athletic, water and dress. ABEO makes shoes for both women and men. The shoes are known as biomechanical footwear, which is designed to extend the life of the wearer's joints.

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Casual styles of ABEO shoes include the ABEO Nadine, the ABEO B.I.O.system Macee, and the ABEO 24/7 Adele. Most styles of ABEO women's shoes feature a female name. Likewise, most styles of ABEO men's shoes have a male name, such as the ABEO LiTe Clayton, the ABEO 24/7 Thomas and the ABEO B.I.O.system Niles.

ABEO has five different technology systems on which its shoes are based. The first of these is called B.I.O.system. Every B.I.O.system shoe has a built-in orthotic that is designed to fit the wearer's specific arch. The second type of ABEO technology system is the AERO system. Shoes in this system feature air-flow technology that absorbs shock and reduces impact.

Another ABEO technology system is known as LiTe technology, which is designed to give the wearer a large amount of comfort and freedom of motion. The fourth type of ABEO shoe technology is called SMARTsystem. This technology was developed at Stanford University and is designed to reduce knee pain in the wearer. The last type of ABEO technology is called R.O.C.S. These shoes have a rocking bottom designed for extra comfort.

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