How Do You Do '70s Afros?

How Do You Do '70s Afros?

Style the hair when it is dry, as wet hair is difficult to shape into an afro. Comb or blow dry the hair to stretch it for a bigger afro. If your hair has already reached the length where it naturally grows downward, you can achieve an Afro by creating a style that helps to "shrink" the hair, like a wash and go. For an afro with a curlier texture, set the hair with perm rods or flexi rods before styling.

  1. Moisturize the hair

    The hair must be moisturized thoroughly so the afro can be shaped and styled without causing breakage. Hair should contain a good balance of protein and a moisturizing agent.

  2. Trim the hair

    Trim the ends of the hair to get rid of fly-aways. Trim the hair evenly to prevent having an afro that is fuller on one side.

  3. Tease the hair with an afro pick

    An afro pick helps create the style and emphasizes the texture of the hair. Choose a pick with teeth that match the length of your hair so you can properly stretch your curls to get the afro look you want. Plastic afro picks are generally easier on the hair than metal ones.