How Do You Get a '60s Makeup Look?

When creating a '60s make-up look, create a bold eye by using a combination of eye shadows to include a pale shimmer, a mid-tone brown shimmer and a darker brown color with hints of gold. Heavy mascara, liquid liner and a pale glossy lip color complete the look.

  1. Layer eye shadows

    Coat both eyelids with a primer to adhere the eye shadows. Apply a pale shade of eye shadow with shimmer, covering the eyelids and stopping at the brows, using a large flat brush. Add a mid-tone brown, shimmer shade using a mid-sided shadow brush, working the color from the eye creases to the outer corners of the eyelids. Continue upward on the outside corners of the eyes in a winged shape. Next, using a small eye shadow brush, apply a darker brown eye shadow into the creases and along both the upper and lower lash lines. Finish the step by adding the pale shimmer shade to the brow bone and inner corners of the eyelids for more definition.

  2. Add liquid eye liner and mascara

    With a liquid liner, draw a slight wing on the upper lash lines, and add definition at the outermost corners of the lower lash lines as well. Complete the eyes by adding two coats of curling mascara.

  3. Apply lip gloss

    With a bold eye, the lips should be kept simple and pale to achieve the '60s inspired look. Apply a thin layer of lip gloss with light sheen and a hint of pale color, such as pink or lilac.