What Are 2g Plugs Used For?

Two-gauge, or 2G, plugs are a specific size and type of jewelry used in stretched ears. A two-gauge plug is roughly 1/4 inch, or 6 millimeters, in diameter.

Plugs are solid and can be made out of many materials, including wood, steel, silicone and acrylic. Plugs are slightly heavier than tunnels, which are another popular type of jewelry for stretched ears. Tunnels are hollow and can be made of the same materials and in the same sizes as plugs. Expanders, also known as tapers, are a third type of earring that can be worn in stretched ears. These pieces have one end that is thinner than the other and are often used to stretch a piercing to the next size, although some designs are worn as normal jewelry.

King's Body Jewelry recommends that those who seldom wear earrings or have only recently had their ears pierced start the stretching process with 16-gauge earrings. From this size, it can take up to seven months or longer to stretch the piercing to a two. For best results, at least a one-month wait is recommended between each stretch, but longer times between provide healthier stretches. A two is also one of the last sizes where it is possible to return to a standard piercing size if the jewelry is removed.