How Do You Do 27-Piece Short Hairstyles?


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The easiest way to wear a 27-piece short hairstyle is to do a quick weave by gluing the individual weave pieces to a stocking or wave cap. A number of helpful resources for quick weaves and 27-piece hairstyles are available online through BlackHairMedia.com, Black-Women-Beauty-Central.com, HaircutsHairstyles.com, becomegorgeous.com and Rolling Out.

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BlackHairMedia.com provides step-by-step instructions for doing a short, 27-piece quick weave, while Black-Women-Beauty-Central.com offers detailed information about doing a quick weave of any length. Both websites include a list of the necessary materials, including a wave cap, a shower cap, bonding glue and a kit of hair extensions.

Prior to starting the weave, comb the natural hair flat or braid it into cornrows to provide a smooth working surface. Wearing a shower cap or an extra wave cap with a paper towel over the hair protects it from the bonding glue, and the primary wave cap should be placed over this barrier. From this point, the procedure varies slightly depending on the selected hairstyle. For style inspiration, HaircutsHairstyles.com and becomegorgeous.com feature numerous images of short, 27-piece hairstyles.

Before proceeding, it is a good idea to watch one of the many do-it-yourself quick weave videos listed on the Rolling Out website. Working up from the nape of the neck in circular rows, measure each track and cut to length as necessary before gluing. If this is done correctly, there should be a small, circular space at the crown of the head, where the style can be finished with a closure piece.

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