What Are Some 1960s Hairstyles?


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The bouffant, beehive and bob were popular hairstyles in the 1960s. Many hairstyles of the era were characteristically high, with height achieved by backcombing or teasing. However, several popular hairstyles were very short and sleek, such as the framed five-point cut and short mod cuts.

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The bouffant was extremely popular with homemakers as well as celebrities during the 1960s and was worn by the First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy. To achieve the bouffant style, the hairdresser clipped the hair shorter at the bottom, leaving longer layers towards the top of the head. The hairdresser teased the hair with a comb to give height to the style and applied generous amounts of hairspray to hold it in place. Some women opted to have their hair styled weekly at a salon to achieve the look, as the process was extremely time consuming when undertaken at home.

The beehive was similar to the bouffant, with long layers of hair coated in hair gel and wrapped in large curlers on top of the head to achieve the desired height. The resulting look was more sculpted than the bouffant.

The bob was a short haircut that was popular with or without bangs, sometimes styled with the bottom portion curled under. A mod variation of the cut involved straightening the hair to produce a very sleek finish.

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