How Do You Get a 1920s Flapper Hairstyle?


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Get a 1920s flapper hairstyle by having a bob cut or creating 1920s-style waves. Alternatively, those who want an easier route can opt for 1920s accessories and hats.

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Bobs were popular among women in the 1920s, which means those with a short cut have a head start when it comes to creating the hairstyle. If you have short to medium hair, you can create the look with a clipless curling wand, bobby pins, hairspray and a vintage headband. To begin, create a triangle section of hair in the crown area and a clear side parting. Curl this section and then pin it to the head before curling the rest of the hair without pinning. Upon finishing the curls, unpin the pieces from the triangle section and brush them into an s-shape.

If you have long hair, you can achieve a 1920s look by pulling your hair into a ponytail and twisting it into a pretend bob. Doing this after completing the curling process gives an authentic 1920s look. Those who would rather not curl their hair can achieve the look by using headbands that twist towards the front of the head, or wear flapper girl accessories with a bob or faux-bob style. Feathers and sparkling headbands are ideal for creating the look. Stores such as Etsy sell real and recreated 1920s accessories.

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