What Are 11 Home Remedies for Oily Hair?


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Eleven home remedies for oily hair include: shampooing often, using a solvent shampoo, rinsing thoroughly, skipping conditioner and refraining from brushing the hair too often. Using an acidic hair rinse, applying a mixture of alcohol and water to the hair, using cider vinegar, rinsing the hair in tea, cleaning hair with beer and rinsing hair with lemon juice complete the list.

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Shampooing oily hair every day helps to reduce oil build-up. Although this practice is damaging to normal hair types, it is no problem for oily hair. When washing the hair, use a solvent-type shampoo that doesn't contain additional additives and conditioners. Adding a bit of dish washing liquid to the shampoo also helps to rid hair of excess oil. Rinse the shampoo from the hair completely to prevent the build-up of dirt and excess oil that clings to soap residue. Don't add conditioner to hair after shampooing; conditioner coats the hair. Instead, apply conditioner only to the ends of hair if they are dry.

Dilute lemon juice, cider vinegar or tea with water to use as an acidic rinse. Acidic rinses decrease the amount of oil in the hair. Using an alcoholic beverage with a high alcohol content helps to dry oil in the hair. Beer has the added benefit of cleansing hair down to the scalp and leaving the hair shiny. Finally, refrain from brushing hair too often. Brushing pulls oil from the scalp and distributes it throughout the hair.

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