What Are 10 Home Remedies for Dry Hair?


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Washing the hair with warm instead of hot water, applying avocado to the hair, using a different shampoo, applying more conditioner, applying olive oil and aloe gel, brushing the hair less often, refraining from heat styling, taking B vitamins, using evening primrose oil and rinsing the hair with beer are 10 home remedies for dry hair.

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Using warm water instead of hot water to wash the hair helps the hair maintain its natural oils. Hot water can strip away moisture and make the tresses brittle. A milder shampoo formulated for a specific hair type can also remedy dry hair, and prescription shampoos may be the answer for dry hair that's accompanied by a dry scalp. After shampooing, rinsing the hair with beer can restore its shine.

A combination of olive oil and aloe gel moisturizes the hair and scalp. This natural conditioning treatment can include rosemary and sandalwood oil. It should remain on the hair for a few hours before it's rinsed out. Avocado is a natural remedy that moisturizes and conditions the hair. The avocado can be mixed with jojoba and wheat-germ oils for extra conditioning before it's applied to shampooed hair. Evening primrose oil moisturizes the hair and scalp and can revitalize dry hair.

Brushing the hair less reduces stress on the hair and keeps natural oils from being removed from the hair. Excessive heat should be avoided, particularly for dry hair. If heat styling is necessary, the styling device should be on the lowest possible setting. B vitamins help to repair the hair naturally, which can prevent dryness.

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