Does the YMCA Offer Fitness Certifications?


The YMCA offers several nationally recognized fitness certification programs as part of its healthy living focus. The YMCA Healthy Lifestyle Principles certification is the basic certification required as a prerequisite for the other fitness programs certified by the USA Health and Fitness.

Healthy Lifestyle Principles certification includes basic physical fitness and healthy lifestyle principles as well as nutrition, leadership skills and program safety. Other certification programs available include Foundations of YMCA Group Exercise, Foundations of Strength and Conditioning and specialized certifications, such as Cardio and Step Aerobics or Group Cycling Instructor Certification.

The Group Exercise certification teaches individuals how to design classes, such as kickboxing or cycling, as well as motivation techniques. It also instructs on the basics of the cardiovascular and neuromuscular systems. Foundations of Strength and Conditioning teaches individuals about cardiovascular, strength and flexibility exercise science and how to apply it in a course. Certification may require an individual to pass a written exam.

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