How Do You Write a Thank-You Note to Your Employee?

To write a thank-you note to your employee, begin by identifying the subject for which the employee is being praised and how you want to convey your gratitude based on your personal relationship with the employee. Whether you want to thank your employee for consistency over the years or to thank your employee for doing a particularly good job on a difficult project, choose your words to convey sincerity for the best results.

Think about your personality around the workplace and how your employees see you. If you are a particularly expressive person, use your reputation with words to your advantage by writing larger and more engaging notes. If you are more direct and quiet around the workplace, use fewer words and choose them carefully to convey a deeper sense of gratitude.

Encourage your employee to continue his positive activities in the note by detailing the effect that his progress had in the workplace. Convey your gratitude on behalf of yourself and the company, and be sure to stay flexible with the subject matter. If the employee has a particular set of skills of which he is proud, praise him for his abilities and describe how his skills helped the company grow or resolve a particular situation.