How Do You Write a Snow Removal Contract?


To prepare a snow removal contract, write the title and date of the contract, the names and addresses of the parties to the contract, definitions and conditions of snow plowing. The contract should include plowing fees, terms of operation and signatures of witnesses, according to Michigan Snow Removal.

Begin a snow removal contract with the date of the contract and the name and address of the contractor and the customer, advises Michigan Snow Removal. After these particulars, list the terms that pertain to the contract and write their definitions. Some of the terms that require definitions include location, services and government authority. Next, detail the particulars of the work to be done, including the location of plowing, commencement triggers, plowing days and the expected time of completion.

A snow removal contract must also detail the conditions of snow plowing, including the expected status of surfaces after snow removal, as noted by Michigan Snow Removal. After agreeing on contract fees, indicate the hourly rate and potential pushbacks on the contract. Additionally, the contract should detail the terms of operation and termination, as well as any other general provisions. The contract should end with a provision for the signatures and names of the contractor and the customer.

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