How Do You Write a Sample Memo?


Memos serve a necessary function in businesses, schools and public organizations by conveying an important or general message to an individual or group via email or paper distribution. There are many types of memos for different occasions, but this guide teaches you the format for a general business memo.

  1. Write the heading

    At the top of the page, using double spaced lines, write the four parts of the heading: To, From, Date and Subject. If the memo is going to an individual, include the official title of the person and department, as well as the sender's. Choose a subject that concisely and accurately describes the content of the memo.

  2. Introduce the task

    In the opening paragraph, describe the purpose of the memo to give the reader a reason to be invested. State the problem to be solved and propose the task to solve it, briefly giving context for the source of this information.

  3. Discuss the details of the task

    Half of the memo should list the details that reinforce the proposed task. For each major point of discussion, start with the general topic and support it with specific facts and research. Make sure that the discussion is thorough and persuasive, and that the severity of the problem is made clear to the reader.

  4. Conclude the memo

    Politely instruct the reader on his contribution, and offer to discuss the issue further. Be sure to give the reader proper incentive to cooperate.

  5. Include necessary attachments

    If your research requires any visual aids or references, include them at the end of the memo. Make reference to them in the body of the memo, and use appropriate notation.

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