How Do You Write a Good Resume?

Writing a good resume involves choosing an easy-to-read format, clearly stating a career objective and highlighting key accomplishments that fit the job position. A good resume also uses descriptive language and avoids industry jargon and generalizations.

Resumes are often quickly scanned by hiring managers, and a good format is required for easy reading. Each section should feature a heading appearing in bold lettering. Typical headings include objective, education, experience and skills. Bullet points can be used to separate sentences. Aligning the text on the left side of the page makes the content easier to read.

A specific career objective or summary appears at the top of the resume, and is the area in which the applicant states what type of position is desired. Career objectives can be tailored to suit any job position. In addition, a career objective uses precise language that provides an overview for information that follows.

Resumes that impress potential employers are designed to show an applicant in the best light. Thus, good resumes are worded in a way that show actions taken while working in a job position. The experience section is the area where an applicant should list specific things done that contributed positively to the work environment. The skills section is limited to skills useful in the new job position.