How Do You Write Employee Attendance Policies?

Write an employee attendance policy by using a professional tone and outlining the standard working hours for employees, defining the specific terms of tardiness and absence and explaining the company's leave benefits. The document should also comply with state or federal laws governing work hours and special leave situations, such as for maternity periods or military service.

Begin by offering a definition of the work period in clear terms, including any specific start and stop times, so that all employees understand the baseline expectation for attendance. Include any provisions for special circumstances, such as hourly employees, and the process for tracking hours, if one exists. The policy document also needs to explain what the company deems as tardiness, such as a specific number of minutes or hours after which an employee receives a demerit on her record. It is also important to list the appropriate method for reporting tardiness or absence.

Next, the policy must explain the leave benefits available to employees, which typically includes a set period of paid or unpaid time off, as well as the process for claiming these benefits. The policy also needs to explain legal leave benefits, which the company may not suspend or circumvent. Finally, the policy needs to cover the disciplinary process for excessive tardiness or absence.